Information Technology center of Herat University (ITCH) Introduction

Information Technology Center of Herat University (ITCH) was established at Herat University in 2009 by World Bank’s aids and Berlin Technical University (ZiiK). At first, two lecturers have been sent from Berlin Technical University by Dr. Nazir Peroz , head of ZiiK in order to install ITCH’s servers and troubleshoot technical problems; meanwhile, ZiiK’s financial aids has been provided in order to keep ITCH functioning.

On 2016 new hardware equipment such as PCs and servers was shipped from Technical university of Berlin (ZiiK) in order to replace the new one with the old’s hardware equipment’s at ITCH, the new equipment’s were installed and troubleshoot technical problems by ITCH team, these equipment’s present IT services for lecturers, employees and students, everyday around two hundred users are using these computers.

With head of ZiiK consultation, Herat University has created four departments in ITCH’s structure to better handle the affairs and they are as followings:


Network Department

Information Department

Technical or PC-Workshop Department

Education Department 

The general task of ITCH is keeping these departments active to provide services such as

Managing network and provide daily Internet in the center

Design Databases and provides software.

Hardware and software maintenance, troubleshooting, keep computer’s lab active and some other technical supports.

IT Training at the ITCH for members of Herat University (students, lecturers and employees), as well as employees of the government and the provinces.