Department of History

The Department of History is one of the key departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences, which began operating in the framework of Herat University in 2010.

The history of the movement of societies, cultures and ideas is in the context of time. History makes it possible to illuminate the intellectual, social, and political currents by illuminating the successful and unsuccessful experiences of governments, societies, and ideas, and to help us look at the future developments of society more deeply and scientifically.

Sociologists, political scientists, theologians, and religious scholars all confess to the role and importance of the history discipline for valuable historical insights, understanding of the current situation, and the future direction of societies.

The Department of History seeks to discuss major historical trends in the wider civilizational realm in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas, as well as evolve the course of events of the earliest, medieval, modern and contemporary world. Particular attention is given to new scientific and analytical methods.


• Strengthen and specialize in the field of history and determine indicators of cooperation with other departments.

• Promoting the quality of science, education and research in the field of history to enhance cultures.

• Recognizing the need to hire professional and professional staff in the field of historiography and the training of history teachers.

• Raising students' thinking about history science and highlighting the role of history in world affairs.

• Striving to increase social participation and promote a spirit of cooperation.

• Fulfilling the supreme Islamic culture, reinforce moral virtues and historical values.


1. Identifying with the departments of history of social sciences universities in Afghanistan.

2. Establishing links with universities in the region and the world.

3. Promoting of teachers to masters and doctors.

4. Upgrading the history department to the history campus.

Working Areas

• Training of academic staff for Iranian universities and education.

• Introducing skilled engineers and researchers to research centers.

• Educate advisers on historical issues for the presidency, all ministries, especially the Ministry of Information and Culture, Foreign Affairs, Interior and Tribes.

• Introducing social and media experts.

• Training and introduction of consultants in labor and social affairs.

The Length of the period and the Shape of the System

The bachelor's degree is for a four-year academic year and the course progress is based on the Criterion Criteria System of the Ministry of Higher Education. The number of credits for a bachelor's degree in history includes (1) credits.

(1.2) Percentage of Specialized Subjects, (1.2) Percentage of Basic Subjects and (1.6) Percentage of Optional, General and Thesis Subjects)
History Department Curriculum

Curriculum is arranged according to the theme and occasion of the eight semesters and is expected to be implemented as follows.