Geography Department

Geography is that part of human knowledge that characterizes the different regions of the earth and the distribution of various phenomena on the surface of the earth, both natural and human, and ultimately human-environment relationships that create human phenomena as well as the interrelationships between phenomena. The above discusses.


The core mission of the Department of Geography is to provide appropriate educational facilities for students in the field of geography so that they can meet the needs of the Afghan community (such as identifying the country's economic areas in the areas of mining, industrial and agricultural development, preparing urban and transport plans, analyze public and thematic maps of the country through advanced computer programs such as GIS and assist in the country's economic growth.

Educational Goals

The purpose of the Geography Department is to train geography specialists in the form of geography professors in schools, as well as to train professional staff for ministries and sectoral institutions. Specifically, the Department of Geography has the following goals.

Presenting young and educated geographers and professionals to the community.

Active participation of geography department graduates based on modern scientific and technical methods in relevant sectors.

 Promotion of technical and professional affairs of government departments by graduates of the Department of Geography.

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of Afghan mineral resource and cultivar data.

Working Areas of this Filed

Ministry of Energy and Water including its Departments and Managements, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Urban Development and Housing, Ministry of Economy and Trade, Municipalities, Directorate General of Geodesy and Cartography, Directorate General for Natural Disasters, Directorate General of Environment and ...

The Length of the period and the Shape of the System

The Bachelor of Geography course is four academic years and the courses are regulated by the Afghan Ministry of Higher Education's standardized credit system. The number of undergraduate credits in geography consists of 3 credits. (Dedicated themes, 2.3 - Basic, 1.2 - General 1.2 - Optional 1.8 Sum, 4.2).

Geography Curriculum of Social Sciences University of Herat

The geography department's curriculum is arranged in accordance with the necessity and context of the eight semesters and is expected to be implemented as follows.