History of veterinary science faculty

     In 2011 (1390 hijri) veterinary science faculty established in Herat University. Even though the reason of having veterinary science faculty arose after creating veterinary department in agriculture faculty of Herat university framework, finally this faculty is offered to establish in 2002 (1381 hijri). After a decade of development in growing livestock, dairy products, pisciculture, beekeeping and sericulture through agriculture faculty, Herat University understood this spring development and took a great step by establishing veterinary science faculty in this university framework and the members of veterinary science staff attempted to offer the promotion of department to faculty, due to strong argument the education ministry accepted to promote veterinary department to veterinary faculty and it is established in Herat university framework in 2011(1390). The main purpose of establishing the faculty is teaching development and investigating acquisition and training promotion also transferring new technology to society about veterinary and livestock. For providing veterinary services this faculty attempted to train experts and scientific cadre in order to tranquility development, healthy and production of animals and public health protection. Now this faculty locates in new complex of Herat University and uses agriculture faculty’s building commonly. It has 13 professional scientific staffs with master and bachelor degree.