Summary of the Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Political Science and Law


Developing and promoting a high-quality higher education system in the Law and Political Science Faculty based on accepted international standards that respond to the needs of Afghan society in the areas of justice, good governance and the rule of law, the generalization of democracy in the next five years!


  • Providing education and research in law and politics in accordance with acceptable national and international standards for those interested in this field and active participation in the institutionalization of justice, human rights values, rule of law, freedom, equality and good governance;
  • The fulfillment of the above mission is done with consideration of the following:
  • Considering the provision of standard teaching services through the effective use of modern teaching methods and the promotion of scientific and methodological capabilities of academic cadre members;
  • The production of legal knowledge by institutionalizing a culture of research and writing;
  • Efforts to apply legal knowledge through the training of professional cadres, the creation of scientific and practical capacities for graduates;
  • Conducting scientific research to identify the challenges facing the Afghan society and make suggestions for it.


Considering the beliefs and principles governing on Afghan society, attention to the maintenance of the high interests of the country, the consolidation of national unity, the adherence to the quantitative and qualitative improvement of legal-political knowledge production, the achievement of internationally accepted standards in the academic environment and the generalization of accountability; We consider the following fundamental values:

• Belief and respect for Islamic and national values;
• Strengthening the spirit of national unity, convergence and consolidation of political stability;
• Respect for human dignity and the generalization of justice and equality;
• high qualified and standard Higher education according to the needs of society;
• observation ofintellectual property rights;

• Accountability and legalism;

• Participation and teamwork;

• Healthy and efficient administration.


The purposes and objectives

The intended purposes of this faculty are presented in the general long-term objectives and minor short-term objectives.

The first purpose: high qualified and standard teaching;

  • Development and standardization of curriculum and textbooks;
  • improving the quality of teaching services by focusing on the replacement and use of new teaching methods;
  • participation in the system of validation and quality assurance and its implementation in order to ensure the quality of education and the usefulness of the programs presented;
  • the proposal for the establishment of new departments in accordance with existing conditions and labor market demand;
  • proposal to establish a master degree program at the faculty of law and political science for graduate studies;
  • provide lessons for better implementation of bill and credit system;
  • to improve the capacity of the scientific staff by providing higher educational opportunities, both short-term and long-term at home and abroad, and to institutionalize a continuous learning culture.

The second purpose: production of science and research;

  • promotion of research culture in departments in the areas of law, jurisprudence, politics, international relations and rules of law;
  • provide the necessary facilities to empower departments and member of the science community for implementation of political and scientific-legal research projects;
  • expanding scientific and research collaboration by concluding a partnership agreement with universities and other research centers at the national, regional and global levels in accordance with the research needs of the country;
  • institutionalizing scientific and research publications of professors and students and promoting the culture of writing and publishing books and scientific resources;
  • organizing a scientific research conference with the participation of international and foreign scholars to examine and assess the legal challenge and presentation of a scientific and practical solution;
  • searching for facilities and facilitating of scientific staff members at regional and international conferences related to national and regional issues and presenting scientific articles;
  • provide the ground for the publication of scientific articles by professors in internationally recognized journals;
  • design and implementation of scientific and practical research through signatures and agreements with industrial and commercial center;
  • The third purpose: application of knowledge of law;
  • establishing and expanding legal clinic programs to enhance the necessary professional knowledge for graduates;
  • conduct capacity building programs for employees of various government and non-governmental agencies in a sustainable manner;
  • modernize and enhance the capacity of departments, research centers, legal clinics, at a level that is clearly identified in managerial roles, and all actors in the agency are partnered and coordinated to respond to the challenges of community;
  • increasing the specialized scientific skills of students through training and employment programs.


Scientific shows

  • providing academic relationship between educational institution and other governmental law faculties in Afghanistan, in order to cooperate in the field of monotheism and standardization of curriculum, creation of legal clinic programs, institutionalizing of scientific-research culture and... making of them;
  • Providing connection with some universities from other countries and national and international institutions that some of them are referred to below:
  • Washington university, as a colleague from the United States of America, has designed this faculty to enhance the professors’ knowledge through the awarding of master and PHD degrees, and providing short-term language programs in Afghanistan and cooperation of American department of state financial sector, for institutionalizing the scientific research culture standardization of curriculum and also cooperate the common master programs;
  • signing of an agreement of cooperation between the faculty of law and political science of the Herat university and the faculty of law of the university of Lyon of the three French states was made at the beginning of 2015;
  • Some national and international institutes collaborate with this faculty; the max planet comparison institute from the Germany, cultural section of the French embassy, UNDP institute, Italian cooperation institute the united states peace institute USIP open society foundation OPF, the Asian foundation, UNICEF, Internews institute, independent human rights commission, UN world heritage list in Herat, independent attorneys association, court of appeal, appeal prosecutor, justice department and some other institutions that work in the field of the rule of law, human rights, and democracy.