Software Engineering department’s goal:

  • Achieving academic, occupational and professional self-sufficiency, moving toward productive knowledge, new and academic capacity building, promote the level of students’ knowledge awareness for efficient activities.
  • Hard effort to increase education quality and offering high educational students to society.
  • Creation of efficient communication among faculty, students and department and the market requirements.
  • Make scientific works and group-work research by students and lecturers to response important problems and to resolve academic and cultural requirements of the country.
  • Computerize the Herat university’s requirements such as: university‘s archive, library, human resource management.
  • Development of small sub systems and a single platform to upload these sub-systems into to be able to make the whole and complement system of Herat University.

Software Engineering graduations job scope:

Graduations of this department according to their knowledge can analyze the problems, find solutions and develop software products to society. They manage and control the development process, evaluate and certify the product and finally release the product to bazaar and market.


Curriculums of each department Software Engineering, Database and Network for 8 semesters are in the following table according to general and particular semesters.