Physics department members:


Father’s name

Last name



Saleh Mohammad


Wahid Ahmad


Ab Momen


Ab Rahamn


Ab Rahim


Mohammad Sayed


Faqir Hosein


Mohammad Hasan


Ghulam Sarwar


Ahmad Zia


Raz Mohammad




Gul Mohammad


Fared Ahmad


Ghulam Ghous





Head of department: Mohammad Sayed Akhundzadeh

Physics Department

Department’s vision:

At national level:

  1. Making a positive and national moral to do department’s works as good as possible.
  2. Trying to obviate educational needs of society according to available resources.
  3. Improving academic quality according to the defined scales of Ministry of Higher Education.
  4. Accomplishing the goals of Quality Assurance Program, and becoming the best physics institution in Afghanistan.
  5. Making improvements in research capacity to perform researches to obtain scientific and social progress.
  6. Trying to get supports from national and international donors for the needs of laboratories and department.

At academic level:

  1. Providing high quality and scientific programs including seminars by department members, and publishing articles and books.
  2. Planning an appropriate system for department members’ preferment.
  3. Making an academic atmosphere based on discussion and criticism.
  4. Educating students as vise, responsible, liable, social, and patient citizens.
  5. Improving education quality.
  6. Making research as a basis in the department and doing objective researches to recognize and resolve problems and challenges which the scientific society of the country is facing.
  7. Making stable links between national and international universities and higher education institutes.

Physics Laboratories:

  1. Mechanical Physics laboratory
  2. Electronic Physics laboratory
  3. Optics laboratory
  4. Modern Physics laboratory

Summary of Strategic Plan of Science Faculty

  1. Publishing articles by departments members.
  2. Holding seminars by lecturers and professors each semester.
  3. Presenting the report of Examination Committee to lecturers and professors.
  4. Developing departments and making new departments.
  5. Operating night-time faculty.
  6. Revision of curriculums and updating them.
  7. Making stable links with foreign universities.
  8. Making links with governmental and non-governmental organizations relating to the subjects of the faculty.
  9. Improving capacity and level of Quality Assurance Committee members.
  10. Outfitting and completing libraries of departments.
  11. Holding teaching techniques workshops for young lecturers.
  12. Standardization of lecture notes and teaching materials of departments.
  13. Standardization of classrooms according to the number of students.
  14. Improving official and academic staffs.
  15. Accommodating classrooms by projectors.
  16. Making offices for lecturers and professors.
  17. Supporting Students’ Committee in holding educational and fun programs for students.


Job opportunities for the alumni

Development of technology is based on science and physics plays a significant role here. Alumnus of physics department can perform jobs in:

  1. Governmental and private universities and higher education institutes as lecturer.
  2. Afghanistan Independent Atomic Organization.
  3.  Telecommunication companies.
  4. Meteorology centers (Ministry of Transport and Aviation).
  5. Institutes and schools as physics teacher.