Third Public Students’ Graduation Celebration of Herat University

27 Apr, 2019

Third Public Students’ Graduation Celebration of Herat University was held in April 24, 2019 in Mowlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi Hall with the presence of Abdul Qayoom Rahimi, Governor of Herat, Dr. Abdullah Faiz Chancellor of Herat University, Mohammad Kabir Isar, Herat Provincial Council Representative, University Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Government Offices, Deans of Faculties, students, civil society, media and alumni of Herat University.

The ceremony began with the recitation of the Holy Quran verses, and the national anthem continued to be presented to the audience. Then Pohandoi Dr. Abdullah Faiz, the Chancellor of the Herat University welcomed the guests and congratulated the graduates of Herat University who were able to earn the graduation certificate with the ability and perseverance.

Herat University Chancellor said that this year we have 3040 graduates, but their main concern is not working; the leadership of the Herat University over the past two years, by understanding this issue and in line with the needs of the labor market, has created new fields of study. The field of work for graduates is more exciting.

Dr. Faiz reminde the achievements of Herat University. Among the most important achievements of this institute was the scholarship of the faculties of Herat University. Among them, law students were able to participate in the International Hult Prize which was attended by 152 countries and our country has gotten the sixth place, which is a great honor for the scientific community of Afghanistan, especially the noble people of Herat and the University of Herat. In addition, students of Computer Science Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Arts and other Faculties exhibited their scientific abilities and capacities through various exhibitions in order to be pioneers in solving the difficulties and problems of the society.

The Chancellor of the Herat University stated the lack of Masjid Sharif, the editorial board, the lack of a hospital for medical students, and the incompleteness of University complex, and asked the authorities to cooperate with the Herat University in this regard.

In addition, the presentation of the Herat University introductions was presented to the audience and a play of Herat Theater group was also performed.

Then Herat Governor Abdul Qayoom Rahimi, congratulated the graduates of Herat University and encouraged them to gain knowledge.

Herat Governor named Herat University one of the national Universities and stated that Herat University is one of the best universities in the country, which must have academic activities more than ever before, regardless of any ethnic, religious or linguistic issues.

Mr. Rahimi emphasized on science production and said; Regrettably, today, we are the consumer of science, which we must acquire science with knowledge and expertise.

In addition, Herat Provincial Council representative Mohammad Kabir Isar, also congratulated the graduates to succeed in all aspects of their life. He thanked the leadership of Herat University for holding a public celebration that, on the one hand, would prevent many students from wandering around the country and preventing private celebrations that spark millions of Afghanis. Then, two university students of Herat University also spoke on behalf of graduates and thanked the leadership of Herat University for celebrating public graduation celebration. At last, Pohanwal Qahira Rasooli the Vice chancellor of Student Affairs provided the swearing ceremony with graduate students, and then Graduate Diplomas were distributed by the University’s leadership and guests.