Session on the process of quality assurance with Herat University students

18 May, 2019

On Tuesday 14th of May, the head of quality assurance in Herat University held a session with the representatives of students from various faculties of Herat University. On the one hand, the meeting’s objective was to introduce the process and programs that the committee has at hand for quality assurance and amelioration of standards in numerous aspects in Herat University. On the other hand, the session also intended to provide students with the opportunity to express their viewpoints and recommendations regarding their studies and academic problems with which they have to grapple. The session aimed at providing a voice to students so that the quality assurance committee and the leadership of the University become able to take due measures so as to provide viable solutions to the students’ problems and grievances.

In this session, approximately 86 representatives of students from 12 faculties of Herat University participated. The program was held between 11 am to 1 pm in Maulana Jami Hall in faculty of Sharia at Herat University. In the beginning of the program, Mr. Taufiq Sarwarzada, the Academic Vice Chancellor of Herat University briefed the attendants on the process of quality assurance, its significance in higher education, and the role students play in the process. He elaborated that this process endeavors to be more and more connected with students, since they are the direct receivers of educational services provided by the university. He also added that the committee wants to utilize the perspectives and opinions of the students in enhancing the quality of education and services in the university. Afterwards, Mr. Ali Ahmad Kawa, the head of quality assurance, explained the process of improving and assuring quality. He stated that the committee was committed to make every effort possible for the raising of standards and quality in Herat University. At the end of the program, students from numerous disciplines were given the opportunity to express viewpoints, perspectives, and recommendation in conjunction with sharing their problems in classes, departments, faculties, and the university as a whole. The students asked that their legitimate concerns and grievances be addressed. Mr. Ali Ahmad Kawa while answering the students’ queries, noted their opinions and recommendations so that the committee and the head of quality assurance be able to address them or that they are sent to the relevant authorities. The program was ended at 1 pm.