Second period of IT training programs for employees of state officials was held in Herat University

11 Feb, 2018

Mohammad Nazir Sakandary administrative deputy of Herat University, said: IT Center’s Programs are the turning points for capacity building of State Officials and added: this training is holding based on, an agreement between Herat University and governor of Herat Province.

Mohammad Asef Saeedi Head of Human source of Herat Governor appreciated Herat University’s cooperation and said: as we know, Technology has the first position in world today and all the officials systems are based on it, and it requires that state official’s employees learn IT skills to provide the best services for their clients.

He also said, in the next year we will have more training programs for state employees.

Jahid Zahir Ahmadi the Head of IT Center said: the goal of IT Training Program is to capacity building of state employees and added: about 100 people of state employees for 2 months in two sections, basic and advanced will be trained.