In the photo exhibition of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, 40 pieces of photos from the works of Ezatollah Ali Dost, student of this faculty was featured.

06 Nov, 2017

This photos, which acquisition from the seven provinces of the country, has Depicted corner of social and cultural of the country.

In the inauguration of exhibition, Prof. Sohaila Erfani , Prof. Mohammad Naser Moein, Pfor. Bashir Ahmad Behravan talked about role of the photo profession and position of that in the memorial and Unrepeatablemoments and reflection of the Community realities and welcomed the Ezatullah Ali Dost’s work of photography.

In this exhibition, a book containing of 48 piece of the Ali Dost’s photos was Unveiled.

Dr. Abdullah Faiz chancellor of Herat University visited the exhibition and receive a book of Ali Dost’s Photos.of the University visited the exhibition.