The Male Dormitory of Herat University Was Equipped with the Internet

15 May, 2019

Mohammad Nazir Skandari, the Administrative and Finance Vice chancellor of University, attended a meeting with the male students of dormitory after the Noon Prayer, and he announced that the male students can use the Internet services of Herat University from now and then. He said this facility has been made based on the promise of the Directorship of Herat University on the availability of the Internet for male students. He also appreciated the Dormitory Management and the students who in observing the dormitory regulations, made the male dormitory of University to be selected as the best male dormitory of the country. And acknowledged it as a good feeling, sympathy and brotherhood among the students of Herat University. The Administrative and Finance Vice chancellor promised that in the near future, the Internet-Equipped Computer Center in male dormitory will also be activated. At the end, the students’ representative of male dormitory expressed gratitude to the goodwill of the Herat University.