Herat University General Kankoor Examination Was Held

08 May, 2019

Dr. Pohand Abdul Qadir Khamoosh, Head of the National Examination Office, provided information on conducting a Checklist exam in Herat province and, said "We have more than 200,000 volunteers in this year, including general, night shift, special, and miscellaneous,"

Pohand Khamooush added that the biometric process was perfectly carried out at Herat University, and on Wednesday, 1/04/2019 is the first day of the Kankoor exam, that will continue on Thursday and Friday, which will simultaneously be given in five other provinces.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Abdullah Faiz the Chancellor of Herat university, meantime hoping success for Kankoor volunteers said that this year, 11,995 volunteers will attend the Kankoor exam in Herat Province, which will have a total of 6579 females and 5416 other males. A total of 78 other volunteers are from Dari Master’s Program in the Faculty of Literature and Humanities at Herat University.

Dr. Faiz announced the capacity of Herat University to receive 3,820 people and emphasized on the proper guidance of Kankoor volunteers. He asked the lecturers to work with high spirits, and make an effort on with regard to the competencies and responsibilities of the national process.

Dr. Ghulam Dawood Hashemi, Deputy of the Provincial Government, has also encouraged increasing the number of female volunteers for the future of the country and hoped to increase the role of women in governance.

Dr. Hashemi has also appreciated the increase in the acceptance capacity of the Herat University, which reflects the Boarding Effort of the Herat University Board of Governors to create the right conditions for young people to study.

At the end, with the presence of guests and two representatives of the Kankoor volunteers, the boxes containing the exam questions were opened.