Forth Biennial exhibition of Faculty of Fine Art, was inaugurated

06 Nov, 2017

Forth Biennial exhibition of Faculty of Fine Art, was inaugurated

That Siros Allaf Senior Economic Adviser to the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Prof. Abdullah Yamaee Academic Assistant of Herat University, Representative of Herat Provincial Council, members of civil society, Deans and Professors of Faculty of Fine Art.

Prof. Syed Naveed Ul Haq talked about how to organize the exhibition and said: there were 300 artworks which 123 artworks were chosen by a committee to show in the exhibition.

He said: Setting up such an exhibition in the center of the country to create an artistic competition, in and outside of the country for develop of the Allegorical art is effective.

Prof. Mohammad Tofiq Rahmani dean of the Fine Art Faculty said: Biennial exhibitions are considered to be major artistic events and aim at bringing people together with art and raising awareness of the community.

The head of the Faculty of Arts said: "The art is the focus of attention on economic, traditional and national justice, the development of community awareness and the importance of the status of art in the process of social development.

Habibur-rahman Pedram, the representative of Provincial Council, talked about the position of the artist and importance of art, he appreciated the people who try to alive the art.

It is worth mentioning that the Faculty of Fine Arts of Herat University is the initiator of painting, miniature, watercolor and graphic biennials.

This exhibition will open to the enthusiasm in 10 days.