The first student of the master’s degree program at Faculty of Letters and Humanities successfully defended his thesis.

09 Oct, 2017

Prof. Seyed Yahya Hazin, dean of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities, congratulated the first period of graduation of the master’s degree program, which includes 21 people.

Dr. Abdullah faeiz, chancellor of Herat University, expressed his satisfaction of the achievements of the Faculty of Letters and Humanities and said, “The most important factor in the infrastructure of civilization is acquiring knowledge in the framework of human virtues.” He talked about the effects of having the master’s degree programs in the country, and he said that the master’s degree programs at the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Economics will start very soon. According to Dr. Faeiz, capabilities of a nation is connected to its scientific capacity.

Khalil Ahmad Jami, one of the master’s degree program students, successfully defended his thesis and answered the questions of the thesis committee, which was appreciated by the audience.  

It is worth mentioning that these graduate students are scheduled to defend their theses at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences Conference Room.