Appreciation of the best art works

09 Oct, 2017

Several students, alumni and distinguished professors of Minatory Art Department from Faculty of Fine Arts attended in a closing ceremony of the 6th Herat Biennial Exhibition.

Prof. Mohammad Tawfiq Rahmani, dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, while handing the appreciation letters to the participants, talked about the importance of miniature art in reflecting youth talent and the continuation of Afghan artistic virtue. He called miniature art as the culture of artist’s ancestor, and praised the artwork and nonstop efforts of professors and students in fertilization of the miniature of art.

In this ceremony, based on the judgment of the professor’s committee, they handed 155 appreciation letters to the artists, and they also distributed 62 participation letters.

It worth mentioning that the board leadership of Faculty of Fine Arts hold the biennial exhibition at Herat University and choose the best work of arts.