Admission Criteria for the MBA Program

04 Nov, 2017

Admission Criteria for the MBA Program

The purpose to design and implement admission criteria for the MBA program is to ensure /provide equal opportunities and rights for all the candidates. Any sort of exception must be approved by the Steering committee of the program and the Master Board Committee of the Faculty of Economics.

All candidate must meet the MBA program admission requirements and must complete and present the following requirements:

 1. Having a Bachelor diploma in Business Administration, Economics, Public Policy or any other relevant discipline (attested by the Ministry of Higher Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

 2. Provide National ID card (Tazkera) or Passport and Update CV

3. Having at least 65 percent average scores during the undergraduate studies.

4. Have good command on English language (at least TOEFL score of 520 or above).

5. Having the ability to pay the tuition fees,

6. The students must pass the content and English language exams successfully

 7. The selection process will cover three steps: First, English language exam, Second Content exam and the interview will take place in the final step

 8. The number of students to attend the program will be 25-30 persons in a competitive process. Being shortlisted for interview does not mean admission.

Academic Integrity

Faculty of Economics at Herat University expects its participants of the MBA program to follow their studies with academic integrity which contributes to the excellence of the program. Therefore, any sort of academic dishonesty - including cheating and plagiarism - is strictly forbidden and any attempt to cheat or plagiarize my lead to serious consequences including expulsion from the MBA Program.