Network department’s introduction

Communications and Operating systems department which is also called Network is one of the important and fundamental departments of the Computer Science. Since communicating and transferring data among computers, servers, telecommunications equipment is one of the important issues, so learning how to configure computer networks increases this department importance. Graduations of this department by learning fundamental of computers, computer’s logic, operating systems, computer based networks, system programming, distributed systems, scripting, automating of network administrator duties, network administration and network programming can configure and develop their own software applications (such as client/server or socket programming) for organization which they are working for. Students of this department would be graduated as experts in computer network which they would be able to configure computer networks, make secure networks and find and solve security holes of networks.

Network Department’s goals:

  • Know and Learn Network issues as practical and theoretical.
  • Implement, install, test and train of computer configurations and designs.
  • Learn and use of open source operating system like Linux and its software applications.
  • Evolution and review of software and hardware deficiencies and requirements  in context of industrial, and compilation of their requirements, feasibility study and Human resource specification to eliminate these shortage.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving of computers and computer systems.
  • Design and configure of small and large network systems in organizations.
  • Network programming (which can develop their own application [such as client/server and socket programming]).
  • Finding security holes in computers and network systems.
  • Presenting appropriate solutions for security problems in network systems of organizations.
  • Updating of network systems’ structure in organizations according to new technology.

Network graduations job scope:

Graduation of this department can do duties in several parts of IT such as: design and configure of IT construction’s infrastructure, Network based Computer server equipment and services, programming and automation of network based systems, configure and design of safe and secure systems for information and computer based systems in governmental and non-governmental organizations.