Department of Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations was established in 2011 within the framework of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Media of Herat University as a result of scientific co-operation with the University of San Francisco and is the first public relations department at the universities of Afghanistan.

Students of journalism will be attracted to this department after passing general courses and credits in two years, as desired and with proper notification from the department about the future of this discipline. This field includes strategic communication spheres, spokespersons, organizational communications, public opinion surveys, research, advertising and marketing. The department has already completed two courses.

Scientific goals:

1. Training a dedicated and expert force to meet the educational, research and service needs of the community.

2. Response to the urgent need of the country to train Public Relation professionals in order to serve in Public Relations Offices. Organizational communications Marketing of public, private and foreign cultural and press offices to promote development programs of the country.

3. Training professionals in order to serve the promotion of the social communication system within the country and respond to international communication and publishing needs.

4. Provide practical and scientific information to experts and public relations practitioners according to the progress of the day.

5. Creating a professional look at public relations departments and the possibility of creating a proper and appropriate framework for their activities.

6. Culture in the field of the proper use of the potential of public relations among authorities and the use of their knowledge and experience in developing strategies and policies.

7. Integration of science and experience in the field of public relations with the emphasis on scientific-applied sciences.

Educational goals:

1. Familiarity with students and the acquisition of skills and expertise in the profession of public relations

2. Students' familiarity with the types of public relations in economic and political organizations

3. Familiarity with new public relations practices and techniques

4. Introduction to Islamic culture, Islamic history, contemporary history and ...

5. Learning general economics, law, science

Graduates of this department

Graduates of post-graduate public relations can be in the field of bachelor and management of communications, publishing, public relations, public awareness, advertising, strategic communications, spokeswoman, consultancy and marketing in public and private organizations. To work.

Curriculum lesson

The curriculum vitae of the Department of Public Relations in the scientific collaboration of the University of the American have been developed along with the global criteria and requirements of the Afghan community. This curriculum and content syllabus were designed with a focus on theoretical, scientific and new communication technologies and two years ago, at the Kabul Journalism Conference, was selected as the National Public Relations Officer of the country and has now been approved by the Ministry of Higher Education of the country. The public relations departments of the country are being implemented. It has 148 corridors and emphasizes political and economic trends.