Department of Journalism

The Department of Journalism was established in the framework of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities in 2002 and was promoted to an independent faculty in 2011. This field covers press, radio, television, news agencies and online media.

Scientific goals:

1, Basic familiarity with journalistic knowledge and related professional, ethical and applied concepts.

2. Meeting the needs of the information society, audience and mass communication tools.

3. Training professional and professional staff to meet educational needs, media research and services in the community.

4. Training the expert staff in order to serve the improvement of the social and educational communication system in the country as well as to meet the communication, information, media and advertising needs of the international community.

5. Teaching how to provide news, education, and science information about the latest developments and developments for the media and staff.

Educational goals:

1. Familiarity with modern journalism

2. Learning new professional skills by students

3. Acquiring the necessary skills for working in the technical and professional sectors of the press, radio, television and online media.

4. Students' familiarity with the media law and ethics as well as professional ethics

5. Familiarity of students with advertise, literary and analytical genres.

6. Students' acquaintance with different sections of Islamic culture, Islamic culture, contemporary history of Afghanistan ...

7. Students' acquaintance with the general knowledge of economics, law, environmental science and ...


curriculum lesson:

The curriculum of the Department of Journalism have been developed in partnership with the University of San Jose State University in line with international journalism standards, requirements of the Afghan community. This curriculum and content topics were designed with a focus on theoretical, scientific, and media new technologies and two years ago at the Kabul journalism conference, which was selected as the national curriculum for journalism in the country, and is now approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
In all faculties of journalism, the country is being implemented. It has 148 credited credits, with emphasis on political and economic trends.