CV of the Director of the Faculty of Law and Political Science


Name and last name: Ghulam Shah Adel

Father's Name: Haji Ghulam Farooq

Date of birth: The Hoat month of the year of 1357

Nationality: Afghan

Place of Birth: Baland Shahi Village - Enjil District - Herat Province

Location: Fifth part (zone) of Herat city

Tel: +93 (0)700402182

Email Address:


1. Dean of law and Political Science faculty of Herat University from 2009 to present;

2. Teaching director of law and political science faculty -Herat University from 2007-2007;

3. The responsible and founder of the Legal Clinic of Herat University from 1387-87;

4. Cooperation with the CESVI Italian Institute for Legal Awareness in 2010;

5. Collaborating with the Italian Institute for Inter Justice on Legal Awareness in 2010-2011;

6. Attending the Scientific Council of Herat University and other relevant committees since 2009;

7. Provision of legal advice, especially in the field of business and investment issue.

Educational background

1. The Diploma from Sultan Ghiyat al-Din Ghori High School in Herat Province in 1375;

2. Bachelor of Law and Political Science from Herat University in 2005;

3. Private Law Master from the University of Iran in 2009;

Participated in short-term scientific seminars and workshops:

1. Participated in a 4-day seminar on how to create legal clinics in Dubai, UAE, 2009;

2. Participated in a Weekly Seminar on the Unity of Laws and Law Courts of Kabul University in Kabul, 2009;

3. Participated in the two-year course of leadership in Herat city in 2009;

4. Participated in a one-week program for familiarizing with the legal education system of Turkey, Istanbul, April 2010;

5. Participated in the weekly curriculum for the curriculum vitae of the Afghan Public Administration in the city of Ankara, Turkey, 2012;

6. Participated in the Educational Workshop on New Teaching Methods Based on Problem Planning and Introduction to the Graduate Legal Education System in Malaysia March 2013;

7. Participated in the three-week program of university management and honesty for Afghan universities. United States June, 2013;

8. Participated in the two-month course of the International Law Study Method at the University of Washington, USA, Summer 2014;

9. Participated in a two-week training program for legal clinics in the United States, November 2013;

10. Participated in a travel trip to Indonesia to create a joint master's degree program in the field of law and the law in partnership with one of the universities in that country;

11. Participated in the quarterly plan; Planning, Leadership and Training in the United States of America Winter 2017;

12. Participate in the plan to build guidelines for legal clinics in Kabul, 1396 AH;

13. Participated in various legal education programs, in particular, on issues related to the rights of the individual, as professors and beneficiaries in Herat and Kabul during the years of service.


Scientific research works

1. Review the medical liability of the Afghan legal system. Article published in Herat University Scientific Journal;

2. A comparison of the rules governing the dissolution of corporations in the legal system of Afghanistan and Iran. Master's thesis;

3. Review the concept of dissolution with other items of company life in the Afghan legal system. Article published in Herat University Scientific Journal;

4. Investigated the Legal Liability of Commercial Companies in the Afghan Legal System. Article published in Herat University Scientific Journal;

5. Review the rules governing corporate companies in the Afghan legal system. The title of scientific-research dissertation was promoted to the scientific rank of the supreme scientist. Written;

6. The publication of the law on corporate rights in the Afghan legal system has been published twice since.

7. Reviewing the responsibility for delaying the payment of Tahman's pay (payment of the goods price) in the light of the laws of Afghanistan. The article is in hand;

8. Co-ordination and guidance of scientific articles in the fields of rule of law and human rights, corruption, media activities and freedom of expression, political development, etc., which have mostly been published in scientific journals.


Language skills

1. Dari: native language

2. Pashto: good

3. Arabic good

4. English good