Biography of the Dean of Faculty

Name: Mohammad Naser

F/Name: Mohammad Hossain

Surname: Moain

Place of Birth: Herat, Afghanistan

Date of Birth: 1968

Education: MBA

Place of Education: Germany

Field of Education: Economics


  1. Selling in an Industrial Organization as monograph in 1996
  2. Profit Planning in an Industrial Organization in 2006.
  3. Translation of Cost accounting / the second module of Financial and management accounting. Published by Prof Dr. Hans Drigl head of controlling chair at Ruhr University Bochum Germany in 2005.
  4. Exchange rate in Afghanistan “a critical evaluation” as master thesis, 2010 at Ruhr University Bochum Germany.
  5. Afghanistan in Legatum Prosperity Index in 2016.
  6. Positive and normative and the role of self-judgments in economics
  7. Principles of government budget in 2002.

An overview to exchange rate in Afghanistan (conference held in economics faculty of Herat University).