Introduction of Database department:

Database is one of the important departments in Computer Science and tries to educate new generation by new technologies in context of storing, maintenance and security of data. So this department has been able to educate and make prepare the students in practical and theoretical sides by available tools.

Database department’s goals:

  • Achieving academic, occupational and professional self-sufficiency, moving toward productive knowledge, new and academic capacity building, promote the level of students’ knowledge awareness for efficient activities.
  • Making familiar to new technological methods to develop new software applications and electronic service delivery systems.
  • Quantitative and qualitative promotion of department to deliver better academic and professional services, giving necessary, academic and professional guidelines to students to make themselves able for growth and empowerment  according to Afghanistan’s national development.
  • Delivery of new and updated knowledge to educate academic cadres with ability to work and ready to serve for Afghanistan society in context of IT.
  • Creation of academic network among national and international universities to transfer knowledge and global technology and to use national and international experiences to build a better future for our country by transferring these new technologies.

Database graduations job scope:

Database department’s Students learn how to design and develop informative systems and its software applications, maintenance of data and databases and better use of their knowledge to be ready to serve for their society.