Department of Painting

Simultaneously with the establishment of Fine Arts Faculty, the department of painting was established in 1988. Passing the time, there were a series of activities to make better the quality of teaching in this department; so many positive changes can be seen in developing the level of the teachers’ education and methods of teaching for the students, nowadays.

Presently there are 12 lectures in the departments which are 7 are males and 5 females. The curriculum has been frequently updated by the lectures based on the needs of time for students.

Scientific goals

Focusing on raising the teaching quality and matching the department with academic basis, department of painting follows the following scientific goals:

  • Teaching the basis of painting and upraising the level of practical works professionally
  • Launching biannual, group and individual exhibitions by teachers and students of department
  • Presenting and spreading art to the community through launching art exhibitions
  • Attracting the public minds to the art and its cleanliness
  • Creating a reliable atmosphere among teachers and students
  • Achieving an individual method in painting education to be especial only for this department
  • Upgrading the level of lectures’ education from BA to MD and PHD
  • Holding scientific seminars and artistic workshops by the lecturers
  • Presenting research and scientific articles and booklets by the lecturers
  • Attending to the art festivals, exhibitions, seminars and workshops outside the country

Educational goals

Educational goals are a part of main goals of the department and they are tried to be according to the main field of painting:

  • Coordinating the teaching programs and Policy Plans to international criteria
  • Upraising the level of students’ learning by the teachers
  • Motivating and encouraging student to launch exhibitions
  • Presenting scientific and professional seminars and workshops for the students
  • Motivating and encouraging students to research projects
  • Establishment of new tendencies in painting field
  • Presenting standard monographs according to international criteria by the students

The curriculum of painting department was developed and approved during a joint seminar with Professors of Fine Arts faculty from Kabul University funded by SHEP in Nov. 2011. The curriculum is consisted of 143 credits divided in two tendencies of Oil Color and Water Color. The credits are shared in a standard way to lectures, implementation and area activities. The subject which are in the curriculum include both practical and theory, and divided into 5 categories: Professional, Basic, Optional, University Wide and Monograph.