Fine & Arts

Simultaneously with the establishment of Herat University, the Faculty of Fine Arts was established and started its activities with only two students in 1988. Moving on the path of its development this faculty included three graduator departments as: Department of Painting & Calligraphy, Department of Miniature and Department of Graphics. Faculty of Fine Arts includes Scientific Session, teachers’ Session, and Supervision Committee for implementing of Credit System, Faculty Publication Commission, Department Publication Committee, and Quality Assurance Committee.


The Administrative Structure of faculty includes: the Dean, Deputy, Departments’ Directors, Teaching Affairs Manager, Departments’ Executive Manager, Computer Operator, Housekeeper and Cleaner. At present, the Faculty of fine arts includes 214 students from Herat and other provinces. Since 1988 to end of 2011 the faculty has submitted 241 graduates. Right now, the faculty includes 19 teachers as members of Academic Panel.



Art has been always considered as a social need into communities and is holding a considerable position. Changes and movements into communities are possible through mental growth of the people. Art is one of the strong tools for mental, spiritual and emotional improving of the society. The evolution of artistic movements is a witness for this claim.

Taking into consideration that Herat’s people have enough interest and awareness toward art and its acceptance and there are potential and strong talents, so establishment of Fine arts Faculty is recognized as confirmed necessity.



  • building the students’ capacity,
  • improvement of public awareness toward art,
  • training of Afghan Scholars,
  • training of professional panel,
  • spreading the sense of humanism and coexistence through art,
  •  publication and introduction of Afghanistan’s Art to the World,
  • contribution to the social activities,
  • cooperating in establishment of Fine arts Faculties in other provinces


Facilities & Equipments:

  • Library
  • Conference Hall
  • Computer Lab including 12 Computers


Partnerships and Development Plans:

Faculty of Fine Arts has no partnership with any other International University, yet. In our development plans, we aim to create departments of Cinema, Music and Renovation of Historical Monuments.



Telephone: (0093) 040 - 226 771