Two-day workshop on quality improvement and accreditation programs

15 Jul, 2019

A two-day training workshop started on quality improvement and accreditation programs in today's western academic institutions from the Ministry of Higher Education, with the support of the World Bank (HEDP), at the University of Herat with the presence of a guest delegation from the Department of Quality Improvement and Accreditation, University Vice-Presidents, Representatives of private higher education institutions and professors at Herat University were set up at the conferences of the Faculty of Agriculture of Herat University. Initially, Professor Tawfiq Sarvrzada, the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs in Herat University, emphasized the importance of improving the quality of public and private educational institutions, and claimed that making such workshops a major step in validating and providing quality education services. In the following, Pohanwal, Dr. Amanullah Faqiri, commented on the interpretation of the Eleventh Quality Assurance Framework, and then Pohandoy Asadullah Samadi's informed the audience about the course policy, the teaching improvement plan, and the individual plan. Subsequently, Pohanwal Dr. Mohammad Zarif Sharifi's has continued to comment on the 11-point Quality Assurance Framework, and at the end the Ministry of Higher Education Quality Improvement and Accreditation Board responded to the questions of the participants.