Signing of Memorandums of Understanding between Herat University and Private Higher Education Institutions in Herat University

03 Nov, 2019

Today Herat University signed a memorandum of understanding with private institutions of higher education in Al-Ghias, Asia, Khawaja Abdullah Ansari and Hariva. Dr. Abdullah Fayez, Chancellor of Herat

University, stated that the purpose of signing the Memorandum of Understanding was to establish scientific communication, to share experiences and to use each other's resources and materials. The

Chancellor of Herat University stated, "We are the ones who must work closely together for the sake of the advancement, and education of a generation of professionals who are knowledgeable and forward-looking." Herat University will be ready to cooperate with all private higher education institutions in Herat province in all areas. Dr. Fayez once again emphasized the importance of raising the quality of higher education in the West Zone and creating healthy competition. Subsequently, the presidents of the private higher education institutions mentioned above, while pleased to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Herat University, announced their readiness to cooperate with Herat University.