Scientific Conference on Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever

07 Aug, 2019

Today the Scientific Conference on Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) was held by Pohandoy Nazir Ahmad Tokhi, lecturer at Faculty of Veterinary, with accompany of Herat University's Scientific Research Center in Agriculture Conference Hall. 

The purpose of the conference was to present important points about Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, ways to prevent it, reduce the risk of animal-to-human transmission and reduce the risk of human-to-human transmission.

Professor Tokhi, while presenting general information about the disease, said: If you see symptoms like: sudden fever, pain, fatigue, weakness, headache, severe muscle pain, anorexia, back pain, light scare, nausea, vomiting, A sore throat and a heartache should be referred to a doctor immediately.

He also found ways to prevent the disease by wearing protective clothing (gloves, long socks), wearing light-colored clothing that could easily identify mites on clothing, using anti-tick materials on clothing such as insecticides. Low percentages, careful and regular inspection of clothing and covers to evaluate and safely dispose of mites, search for and control of tick infestations in animals or animal storage, avoid keeping animals in mites where there are plenty of them and the season when they are most active.

Professor Tokhi added that to reduce the risk of transmitting the disease from animal to human, working on them should be done by wearing protective clothing and gloves, especially during slaughter, butchering and the process of slaughtering or slaughtering at home and quarantine before transferring animals to slaughterhouse and daily animal treatment with pesticides two weeks before slaughter.

Similarly, avoiding physical contact with people who are infected with this infection, wear protective clothing and gloves while taking care of patients and regularly wash your hands after caring for or meeting sick people should be considered when dealing with them.