Meeting of the Vice President of Academic Affairs with various departments to prepare for the celebration of 30th anniversary of Herat University

06 Jan, 2020

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Tareki, Vice President of Academic Affairs of Herat University, met with Mohammad Nazir Sekandari, Vice President of Finance, and Heads of the University in his office to discuss the university’s achievements and progress over the past 30 years. Referring to the academic status of Herat University in the country, Dr. Taraki said: As a nationally accredited institution, Herat University has taken practical steps in teaching, researching and delivering academic services to the community. He added that the leaderships and faculties of the University have always strived to provide the facilities needed for the students. The students present their research and attainment to society so that society can reap the rewards of their work.

Further on, Mohammad Nazir Sekandari, Vice President of Finance at Herat University, also spoke about the importance of the anniversary and gave the heads and managers of the administrative department the necessary guidance to make the anniversary better.

It is worth mentioning that Herat University was established in 1988 in Herat province, which has played a significant role in the development of the community by providing thousands of young professionals from various fields of studies and high-quality education.