Herat Computer Science Faculty appreciated the achievements and creativity of its students during a ceremony.

16 Dec, 2019

The gathering was attended by the leadership of Herat University, Herat Provincial Representatives and the Directorate of Public Health, Heads of Faculties, Professors and Students at the Mowlana Jami Conference Hall.

First, Abdullah Hamidi, Head of the Committee, discussed the importance of using information technology, then introduced the Committee of Creative Students and outlined its goals, which included training, internships and development of software systems, and presented the achievements to the audience.

Then, Abdul Wahed introduced a member of the students' systems committee developed by the team, including the mobile app of Herat University's scientific and administrative staff, the Andisheh Journal Management System, the Pashto Literature Dictionary, the Provincial Office Management and Assessment System, Herat Drug Abuse Hospital management and mobile student guidance program for Computer Science.

Then, Dr. Somayeh Zabihi, Head of Computer Science at University of Herat, discussed the importance of Computer Science at Herat University and the achievements of professors and students in various technological fields over the years and that technology issues should not only be legal and technical. It also addressed infrastructure, public awareness, and the economic dimension.

Dr. Abdullah Faiz, the chancellor of Herat University, spoke about the importance of information technology and appreciated the efforts of the Computer Science faculty in this field. Recently the systems were formally handed over to the relevant departments and those involved were appreciated.