Healthy Foods Conference

27 Jan, 2020

Healthy foods was the title of a science conference held in Herat University to raise awareness of healthy eating.

Dr. Abdullah Faiz, Chancellor of Herat University, said: "Unfortunately, Afghanistan is a country that is not well positioned in the field of healthy food supply and imports of low quality food is another serious problem that needs to be addressed. He called awareness of the use of quality and healthy food important and considered it a responsibility for scientific institutions and relevant agencies. Dr Abdul Sattar Fazli, dean of the Agriculture Faculty, also said, it was important to provide healthy food and raise awareness about the issue. Professor Abdullah Masoomi and Nasir Ahmad Rahimi, lecturers of the Agriculture Faculty of Herat University, discussed food additives; their side effects, and healthy food production. Subsequently, Dr. Abdul Hakim Tamana, Director of Herat Public Health, said such conferences are important for awareness raising about healthy food consumption, and thanked the Agriculture Board for activating the Food Analysis Laboratories in the college of Agriculture. At the end, participants' questions were answered.