Department of Miniature

This department was established and started its activities in 2003 into the frame of Faculty of Fine Arts-Herat University. Passing the time, the department has reached many steps toward the betterment of the quality of Herat Miniature. At present, the department of Miniature includes of 9 Lecturers which 5 of them are males and 4 females.

Scientific goals

Based on the definitions from the arts which are written by philosophers during the centuries, art is a ladder toward complementary of spirit and mind of the human. It has put positive effects on all dimension of individuals and communities.

Art has always been the expresser of man’s emotions and feelings, either happiness or sorrows to be shared with the others.

Art is the only common language of the nations and civilizations around the word. Art has always been able to express the level of thoughts which are reached in every society. Based on this subject, communities are considered and assessed according to its art and culture.

Herat like other societies has gotten art and has been famous for its art especially Miniature. As long as the history says, Herat has gotten high culture and civilizations and this reality is a part of Herat’s Identity.

Herat as the center of art and literature has been the origin of Eastern Painting which is known by the name of Miniature. This city is famous for its Miniature and has presented great Master of Miniature (Ostad Kamaluddin Behzad) to the world. In order to continue this kind of valuable cultural heritage, there is a real need to train artists to keep and protect this valuable eastern and Islamic art.

To study and research art, it is the best option to create educational centers in that area in which that art has been growth, developed and put effect on other arts around. Of course, it may have better result to encourage this Islamic and theosophical art in its root environment, which is a theosophy center.

Lack of such a department was felt by the scholars and artist in all over Herat, so the faculty of Fine Arts attempted to establish Department of Miniature to avoid losing this great heritage with training new generation of Miniaturists. Nowadays, international organization of NNESCO is working hard to save cultural heritage of the world, and this is one of the goal for establishment of Miniature Department.

As an origin of Miniature growth and development in Afghanistan, this department has designed short and long term plans which can lead it to reach the position that had in the past, especially in Timurid era. The department of Miniature will not only work on this, but it also plans to take into attention all other traditional and main arts of Afghanistan.

Educational Goals

Some of the Miniature Department’s programs are as following:

  • Teaching Afghanistan’s traditional and main arts
  • Research and studying on rural arts
  • Rehabilitation of the arts which are about to be forgotten
  • Documentation and filing of information about the monuments and memorials buildings which are about to ruin and be forgotten.
  • Launching exhibitions, workshops and informative journeys to upraise the level of students’ mind and motivation
  • Holding scientific and artistic conferences
  • Uprising the level of education to approach international standards

Curriculum for B. A. Students was designed for 4 years. It was designed by Mr. Tawfiq Rahmani and Mr. Gh. Hazart Hassass in 2001. During a joint conference with Kabul University's Professors in 2014, the curriculum was approved. This curriculum includes 144 credits and the subjects include both theory and practical.