Introduction of Journalism Faculty

The Department of Journalism was first established in the framework of the Faculty of Literature and Humanities of Herat University in 2002. Then the Department of Journalism was promoted to an Independent Faculty in 2011 as a dynamic and modern field, based on the high demand of the society and Afghan media community and the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Academic MembersFather’s Name


Full Name


Shir Ahmad

Pohanmal Bashir Ahmad Bahrwan


Ghulam Haidar

Pohanmal Adelah Kabiri


Ali Aqa

Pohanmal Sohaila Erfani


Said Abdul Rahman

Pohanmal Dr. Said Najibulrahman Hadid


Mohammad Hassan

Pohanmal Hussain Ali Alizadah



Pohanyar Nematullah Sarwari


Ghulam Ghows

Pohanyar Shafiqa Khawjazadah


Abdul Saboor

Pohyalai Faisal Karimi


Faqir Ahmad

Pohyalai Basir Ahmad Danishyar



Pohyalai Parwanh Taskin


Mohammad Halim

Pohyalai Abdul Wahab Sediqi


Abdul Hakim

Pohyalai Haroon Hakimi



Pohyalain Ozra Aziz


Fazl Ahmad

Namzad Pohanyar Diyana Forozan



Namzad Pohanyar Barkatullah Masoud





























Specialized Library

Journalism and Mass Communication, has a rich specialized library in the field of journalism and communication. The library has a capacity of 40,000 books. Currently, there are about 6,000 books in the media, public relationships, law, politics and economics in the Persian and English languages. The latest media books are provided in a few steps by the State University San Jose of America and other institutions. This specialized library is unique in terms of structure and content at the level of the Afghan journalism colleges.

Labs: Young Voice Radio Station

Journalism and Mass Communication have a radio station called Young Voice, which was created in 1383 to carry out practical work of students in the field of radio, and the 10-hour newspaper runs on a 30-kilometer course in Herat city. Radio programs are prepared, produced, and distributed by students of the third and fourth grade. There are also transmitters, sound mixers and other advanced radio features in this section.

Television Production Studio

There is a professional and advanced television studio for the production of television programs at the Media Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication. This section includes two fully professional and modern studios equipped with a standard light and sound system as well as a control room with two video and audio mixers and advanced recording and editing systems for television programs. The facilities and equipment of this sector are unparalleled at the level of the country's media. There are also 10 professional photography cameras, 10 sound recorders and 20 cameras for professional and semi-professional imaging and macro photography for students' practical work; at the Department of Journalism.

Pegaah Newspaper Student Press Center

The print center of the Journalism Faculty and Mass Communication is operating at the Media Center. The center includes advanced and professional printing machines and equipment for the preparation, design and distribution of print media and advertising banners. Students at this center will conduct their press activities.

Pegaah newspaper is the first and only student newspaper in Afghanistan, which was created in 1383 by students of this faculty and is constantly informed on various aspects. At least four student publications are also prepared and published by different classes of this faculty.

Active Committees in the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

1. Academic Council

2. Scientific Research Committee

3. Publishing Committees

4. Examination Committee

5. Quality Assurance Committee

6. Order and Discipline Committee

7. Scholarship Committee

8. Strategic Planning Committee

9. Sports committee

10. Gender Committee

11. The Elite Committee

The Statistics of students in 2019

The Journalism Faculty currently has 470 students, including 362 males and 108 females.

Contacts us:

Phone number: 009340258324

Mobile number: 0093708407442


Address: Herat University Complex, North Side, Rudaki St., Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication