Department of Chemistry is one of the instrumental departments in Education Faculty. It has eight instructors with rankings ranging from pohandwai to pohyalay. Four of the teachers are male, and the other four are female. The department works in two shifts: morning and evening. It has got eight classes, in which 353 students are pursuing education. 195 of the students are female and 158 are male.

Historical of the Department

The Chemistry Department was founded in 1971 A.D under the name of the Department of Chemistry and Biology and worked with the Department of Biology until the year of 2010. And from September 7, 2010, these two departments have been separated from each other.


Creating a well-designed and specific program to increase the awareness and responsibility of departmental staff and students about the current educational trends, and the development of the department with the help and endeavor of the members of the department.

Organizing educational seminars for introducing teachers of schools and students to the field of chemistry, taking into account the nature of the field of chemistry and modern methods.